I have built homes before. Nothing is more rewarding.


T C Rusk Construction

 Commercial Building Maintenance

Lamps, bulbs and ballasts are a constant source of maintenance in office building. I do replacement as well as conversion to LED.


I can assemble any furniture, desks, shelves, etc. I work alone so no need for you to worry about anyone else on the property who has not been prescreened.

Office desks can be raised to accommodate tall employees. I build my own spacers out of high quality wood that can be painted to match the desk.

Moving furniture or boxes is no problem for me. I can rent a U-Haul truck and move everything all by myself in most cases while you have peace of mind about everything!

Cubicles can need reconfigured, removed or replaced as an office grows or contracts.

Office kitchens and bathrooms are in need of new faucets, hot water dispensers, hot water heaters and dishwashers occasionally. Why call a plumber who can put a new disposal in but refuses to wire the "pigtail" on the disposal and plug it in. I do it all!

Ergonomic sit/stand computer units have became popular.


I have installed many different type of sit/stand units., mostly made by Ergotron, the industry leader in ergonomic devices.

My brother and I owned and operated a tree service for 5 years. It is very hard labor buy very enjoyable for me.